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Producing the best in Independent movies, television, commercial advertising and corporate media as well as lighting and grip.

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4 Film school friends want to make movies, become famous and go to Hollywood. The problem is they have no money, no equipment and no stars, all they have is their Brains, Guts and ability to Bullshit.

Casting: Casting Open, 12 Roles

 >> 06/14/09 :: Candace Renee Weber cast as Bobbie the Director
 >> 06/14/09 :: Michael Landon Smith to play Gofer
 >> 06/01/09 :: Jennifer Godwin to play Roz in 4 Friends and a Gofer TV pilot
 >> 06/01/09 :: Carly Spade cast as Donna Devoe in 4 Friends and a Gofer

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